• DUE DATE: Wednesday, April 7, 2021 4:30 p.m.

  • All Graduate Students

  • With this form we will collect important information about what courses you plan to take and how you will be supported. Therefore, ALL graduate students (not just GTAs or GRAs) must complete this form!
    Work assignments are determined based on the information you provide on this form. Therefore, you must consult with your advisor to determine how you will be supported and to obtain their approval for your plans. Once you submit this form your advisors electronic signature will be obtained.
  • Course Registration

  • It is important that we know what courses you will be taking next semester. This will help us finalize the schedule for graduate courses and schedule your work assignment. A list of the tentative math courses for next semester is included.
    • Indicate what courses you plan to take - also include MATH 695, 699, 798, 799 so we have an accurate record of your plans.
    • We strongly encourage you to register for courses by May 15 or risk losing GTA support.
    • Courses which have insufficient (<5) enrollment by Aug. 5 are most likely to be cancelled.
    • Graduate Teaching Assistants must get approval from the Graduate Director to register for courses taken outside the Math Dept.
  • Use this format (501, 605B, 617, 799) and list one course per box
  • List course and Time (ECE 501 MWF 9:00-9:50) and use one box per entry
  • Graduate Student Support

  • Select from one of the following responses: A) GTA B) GRA C) No support/Other D) Not yet determined (must indicate when support will be determined). Please be aware that this document is actually binding in the sense that the Department is making plans based on it. Last minute changes to your support cannot be entertained! Moreover, our teaching assignments will not consider anyone who responds with (D). We will fold these late teaching requests into the plans when we hear from you, assuming there is a need.
  • These are the types of GTA work assignments:
    • Precalculus Center Assistant Director (additional work requirements AND additional pay- see Steve Benoit/Anita Pattison for details.)
    • Calculus Center Assistant Director (see Janet Oien for details.)
    • Be assigned to the Calculus Center (see Janet Oien for details.)
    • Teach a calculus section: MATH 141, MATH 155, MATH 160, MATH 161, or MATH 261
    • Teach MATH 101, MATH 105, or MATH 229
    • Teach MATH 255 or MATH 340. (M.S. degree or special skills required.)
    • Teach MATH 151, MATH 152 or MATH 157/159
  • Please list your work preferences below in order, one course or work assignment per box.
  • Please list the courses you have taught (or other assignments you've had):
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    Must be resolved no later than May 7, 2021

Please inform Dr. Mueller, Hilary, and Bryan of any changes ASAP!