• Format must be : delimeted - eg "12:34:56:78:90:AB" - This is the physical, hard wired ethernet connection (NOT WIFI) - How do I find my MAC/Phyical Address?
  • CSU eNames are acceptable here.
  • This can be found on a Windows Machine by right clicking on 'Computer' and selecting properties. On a Macintosh, the computer name can be found under 'Sharing' in 'System Preferences'.
  • This will usually be located on the computer in the form of a sticker or stamp.
  • This is the room where this device can typically be located; its "home". Example: 'Chemistry B204A'.
  • This is the lab or research group this device is primarily affiliated with. Example: 'Webb Lab' or 'Herbarium'.
    Is this device personally owned by an individual and not the University? This device is personal if it was purchased with private funds - not a research grant or other University account. By connecting a personal computer to a CNSIT network you are agreeing to the following: click here to view the CNSIT Policy Page.
  • What type of device is this?
  • What Operating System is running on this device?
  • Please let us know why a static IP address is needed. Are there any additional notes you would like to send to CNSIT about this device?